Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What a storm!

(Photo by Pete Stasiewicz / August 4, 2008 Chicago Tribune)

I am back, but boy what a night! The tornado sirens went off downtown at 8pm and we ran down 5 flights of stairs to get to the basement garage to ride out the storm. I lived in Texas for 6 years and thought I had witnessed some intense lightening storms, but I never saw anything to compare with the two storms that blew through last night. Think strobe lights with insanely bright bursts with a few seconds of darkness between. Now, they are not calling this a tornado, straight line winds and micro burst are the terms I have been hearing, but the tv warnings were for a tornado. We really took it seriously when we started hearing city locations and times with us in the path. Hearing the sirens really triggered the adrenaline. Indiana had terrible damage as bad as a tornado would make. Here in the city there are lots of downed trees and power lines.


  1. Ooooh, that is much scarier than the lightening storm at the resturant we were at on Saturday! Glad you're all ok. Bet the kids were glad you were home!

  2. The storm at dinner was picnicking weather compared to this. Everyone I talk to in Chicago says they have never seen anything like it.

    Food was high up on the list of reasons they were glad to see me, lol.

  3. Holy lightening bolt Batwoman! I hope they have toilets in the basement shelter! That is a lot of energy generated there...shame it can't be stored, like solar.


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