Saturday, August 23, 2008

Label done

I designed my label by taking parts of my original drawing and combining it with the quilt info in photoshop. I printed the design out on paper and laid a piece of white fabric over it and traced it with a fine Prismacolor pen. I filled in the drawing with the Prismacolor pen and a Tee Juice marker from Jaquard. The Prismacolor pen makes a really fine line and is permanent on the fabric. The Tee Juice marker has a fine point, but it is thicker than the .01 Prisma, and was good for filling in areas with a nice solid black. I know it would technically have been faster to print the label out on the fabric, but that would have been too easy.


  1. A beautiful finishing touch to an amazing work of art.

    Congratulations, Judy! And good luck in the shows.


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