Friday, August 08, 2008

Atlanta Airport Exhibit

As I sat in the Atlanta airport Monday morning waiting for the thunderstorms in the mid-west to die down enough for my flight to take off, I happened to come across this fabulous little exhibit. How cool to see a few Jane Burch Cochran quilts up close. That was a great distraction from the frustration of hearing that my flight had been delayed again.

If you click on the Found Objects sign it should pop up large enough to see the other exhibitors.

Unfortunately Lucky Shie's quilts were in another part of the airport, but there was a cool paper quilt made from postage stamps in a trip around the world pattern, as well as baskets made from camera negative film and soda cans.


  1. What a great place for an exhibit!

  2. How cool! I guess there was a silver lining in the thunderclouds after all!

  3. Judy, can you please contact me through my blog. I need your email address (to ask you about something for my Guild) and cannot access it through this site - something to do with Tiger Mail, which my server wants to download 1000's of old emails 1st!

  4. Wow, what a great exhibit at the airport. I love it when I stumble on something like that. Looks like a great trip too!


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