Sunday, August 01, 2010

International Quilt Festival Long Beach: Day 3

Saturday I taught painted fabric for whole cloth quilts. This tends to be a very focused skills based class covering different painting techniques to create gradations of color, glazing paint, working with masks and painting fine details.

After my class finished, I high tailed it down to the show floor for the highlight of festival; Surviving the Runway! As a take off of Project Runway, this is always so much fun; with music, dancing and the challenge for participants to create a wearable item from a bunch of random supplies, like craft foam ribbon, glue and pipe cleaners in a very short amount of time.

photo courtesy of Don Strom

The theme this time was Life's a Beach. Pokey appropriately fills the role of Heidi Klum and Jane, Leslie, Jamie and I were the Tim Gunn's for this event.

The prizes were huge, each one totaling several hundred dollars, so the stakes were high. To thoroughly embarrass one's self is expected and part of the fun.


  1. looks like you all had a really great time!

  2. great time indeed! by the way, my husb, Don, kept his last name when we got married. He's Don Strom...


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