Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Davis, CA

I spent a week in Davis, California at my mom's last week and loved the warm dry days, the cool mornings and fruit growing in the yard. I am in love with the produce section of the grocery stores there. People in CA, I hope you appreciate it! I get so frustrated by the lack of variety and quality of the fruits and vegetables in the midwest. Sure, there is great corn here and a few other fruits and veggies, but you only see that for a few months in the late summer and fall.

Davis is a total bicyclists heaven, there are bikes and bike trails everywhere. Aren't these bikes irresistible? Look at this bicycle built for two that has been fitted out with bamboo, rattan and leopard seats.

photo by Nina Perez

There are some great artisan shops in Davis. We stopped in several with items from Nepal and Tibet and another shop I loved called Hand Made Creation, had imported handcrafted products, lots of felted slippers, bags, woven shawls and pashminas.

Look at all that felted color!

I bought a beautiful pleated teal scarf that is bright on one side and dark on the other. I'm looking forward to some cooler weather to wear it.


  1. We do appreciate it. We just need to be reminded on occasion. I'm glad you had a chance to enjoy it while you were out this way.

  2. Having just come home from a trip, I am appreciating it.

  3. I agree about Midwest produce. Those peaches are beautiful!! My first reaction to the bicycle built for two was....The Flintstones! But maybe it is Gilligan's Island! : )

  4. The texture on that scarf is wonderful!

  5. I love the felted slippers! The colors are amazing. I too cannot wait for cooler weather, your scarf will look beautiful this fall.

  6. oh man, I'm ready to drive to Davis to visit that felt shop!

  7. Judi- I will not buy peaches here (IN). My mom and I used to go to the orchards in Davis when I was a teenager. We picked for .10 a pound. We eat a ton of them while we picked.


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