Thursday, April 22, 2010

Surviving the Runway 60's style Chicago

Here's our lovely host Pokey dawning a daisy chain to get the festivities started.

As you know this event always has music that makes you wanna dance, Melly and I have to join in with all the other participants and get our groove on too.

The Winners
Peace, Love and Happiness was had by all!


  1. Great pics Nina!

  2. the sheer joy that permeates from your photos on here.

    By co-incidence - yesterday at lipreading class we did the flower power years! It was great fun too

  3. that looks like about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on! wohoo! peace sister!
    he he!

  4. OH that looks like so much fun!! wish i was there.. Natalie Carlton

  5. such a gorgeous pic of our Pokey. And surviving the runway needs to be personally's sooo much fun!

  6. Marsha10:59 AM

    Next time I have to stay for this! Unfortunately I was on a plane home this year .....

  7. Great shots! And look at all that gorgeous COLOR -very COOL!


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