Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Melly stamp love!

I really have no business doing this right now, but I have been so busy doing business type stuff like planning for upcoming teaching gigs, making travel plans, packing, making a project for a friends book, writing up new workshops, filling out teaching proposals, dealing with contracts, insurance, writing an article and making the project to go with it, etc, etc... I have had no time to just play and make art and if you are like me it is kind of like holding your breath too long and really needing to breath.

My friend Melly Testa, recently started making stamps from craft foam mounted on plexiglass. When I saw her lovely bird prints I could not help but want to make some too, and of course Nina also wanted to get in on the action making this cute print based on a Pokemon character.

 I wish I could spend days making more of these, but I really need to get back to organizing stuff for Make it University this weekend and my trip to New Zealand next week. Eeek, that is coming up so fast!


  1. Ah. The well known "gotta do something else or this deadline is going to make me nuts" syndrome. I'm in the middle of it too.

    Have a ton of fun at the IQF show!

  2. oh man, and those bugs are soo you.

  3. Love the bugs! Have a wonderful time in New Zealand - its on my list of places I'd love to go some day.


  5. Love these! I've made my own foam stamps before but much more primitive, yours and Melly's are gorgeous. Do you buy precut plexi backing pieces?

    Have fun at Festival & especially have a wonderful adventure in NZ next week!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Luanne I bought 1/8" plexiglass and a cutter. Had no idea how to cut it but found a tutorial after tons of searching that shows you score it with the cutter (along a ruler edge) about 5 or six times, line the score line up with the edge of the table and with your palm down holding one side of the plex, give a brisk wack (like a karate chop) to the other side hanging off the table and it breaks in two very cleanly. very easy!

    When I get back from NZ I will be getting more plex so I can make some more stamps.

  7. Oh my goodness Judy! I am thrilled to be the new owner of some of your prints! I saw them on the trading wall and whipped out my ATC's to trade. I got the beetle, the owl and the mushroom. I LOVE them. And then without realizing it, I snatched up the little character that Nina made because I fell in love with that one too. I saw that same last name and was wondering if you were related! Thank you so much for offering these up for trade!! I love all your work!

    I had a great time at IQF... had a class with Leilani and Kelli but missed your class because my daughter was starving at that point, darn kids, lol. So I probably saw you there but didn't realize it was you ;-) I think I will follow your blog to keep up. Thanks again!

  8. Lisa thanks so much! Sorry to have missed you at the show. Enjoy the cards :-)

  9. Marsha6:20 PM

    Hi Judy,
    I was also lucky enough to trade for one of your mushroom ATC's from the MIU wall in Chicago. Just love the bright colours. I was also lucky enough to trade for one of Melly's birds(City Queen). The 2of you are so talented.


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