Sunday, April 26, 2009

Living next to Oprah

I live next to Harpo studios in Chicago, generally it is fairly quiet around here with the occasional squeals of excited woman in brightly colored clothing. This week there were a couple of groups trying to get Oprah's attention. On tuesday evening when it was chilly and damp there was a spontaneous concert on the sidewalk with a young boy singing.

On Friday, a group came down the street and around the block chanting "Oprah give us a voice". They were a group protesting the genocide of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

It was a small gathering of people carrying Canadian and American flags. I did not realize the extent of the problem in Sri Lanka, this is something that really needs more attention in the media. I hope Oprah heard.


  1. I hope she heard too. At least you have given a voice to it...who knew?

  2. I take it for granted sometimes that I live in a very quiet area that's a stone's throw from the beach. This is a very different perspective, hearing your story and seeing the pictures. But at least you probably don't ever get bored living in this area!

    Oprah is so powerful. In some ways, I can see where someone might approach her for their cause before they even bothered approaching a legislator or a politician. She is more powerful in the ability of getting the word out there without an agenda.


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