Friday, May 09, 2008

Do you know about this book?

Living the Creative Life: Ideas and Inspiration from Working Artists
by Rice Freeman-Zachery
Living the Creative Life: Ideas and Inspiration from Working Artists
(you can click on it to look inside)

This is a really fun book, I love the fact Rice has brought together artists from many different media (including several artists we textile people know and love). This is the description from Amazon:

In Living the Creative Life, author Rice Freeman-Zachery has compiled answers to these questions and more from 15 successful artists in a variety of mediums--from assemblage to fiber arts, beading to mixed-media collage. Creativity is different for everyone, and these artists share their insights on the muse (if you believe in her), keeping a sketchbook (or not), and prioritizing your art, whether you aspire to create solely for your own pleasure or to become a full-time artist.

* Try your hand at creative jumpstarts straight from the pros.
* Glimpse the artists' innermost thoughts and works in progress as you peruse pages from their journals and notebooks.
* Share textile artist Sas Colby's triumph over creative block during an exotic art retreat.
* Learn how internationally acclaimed artist James Michael Starr uses experience from his former "day job" to fuel his creation today.
* Explore the work of Michael deMeng, Claudine Hellmuth, Melissa Zink and the other artists right alongside their insights.

No crafter or artist should live the creative life without Living the Creative Life! The inspiration is contagious.

Rice was recently invited by Google to give a talk on her book in their authors @google series. This is an excellent talk and gives you a real taste of what the book is like.


  1. oh this is so true...sorry, mulling over one of the things she says.

    Math & my youngest daughter go hand in hand, yet she has found a blob of clay in her right brain and even though she makes something that 'looks' 'wild and crazy' there are still math related aspects of it. [evenly spaced spots, carefully measured areas, etc] She loves my quilting, but for her to give me a rave review, it needs some 'sameness'. Crazy quilting is not for this young woman!

    Thank you Judy!

  2. Oh, Judy, I have too, too many books on this subject, so - oh - I just must have this one as well...... I hope you know what you have on your conscience! Never mind, I'll think of you kindly every time I read it.

    Thanks for recommending it ;O)

  3. Anonymous1:39 PM

    That interview/talk about her book was great. Thanks for sharing the link. Of course, I'm not really into the new wave part of it all.

  4. Enjoyed listening to Rice...thanks so much for placing it here...hoping my library carries this book!

  5. hey, thanks for this! i just now saw it--reading through your blog, finally--love the examples with photos. and is your loft next to oprah's studio? that must mean lots of traffic and tourists, etc.--

  6. your welcome Rice,

    I am always happy to promote something I think is really good. It is a great subject that I think most of my blog readers would also be interested in.

    Yes I do live next to Harpo studios and across from Oprah's new store. It is a fairly quiet neighborhood compared to some areas. There are more tourists since the store opened though. We get a lot of ladies in bright colored outfits with camera's who are thrilled to be anywhere near Oprah. Living here I have now found out that dressing colorful gets you a good seat in the audience. We also have a lot of tour busses that go by and now stop at the store.

  7. Hey Judy!!
    I am going to be in Rice's newest book coming out in 2009. It is a continuation of this book. ;)Welcome to the online teachers yahoo group!!


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