Thursday, May 15, 2008

Artist Profile on Layers Upon Layers: Mixed Media Art

Check out a cool blog called Layers Upon Layers. Each week Cyndi does an interview with a different artist, this week she featured me! There are always interesting techniques, artist profiles and links to other cool stuff on this blog. Thanks Cyndi!


  1. What a great interview! Your piece "Primordial Sea" is absolutely stunning! Both the painting and the stitching are fantastic.

  2. great interview! that mars quilt! have you ever heard the john prine song, linda goes to mars...oh my stars, linda goes to mars, i wish she wouldnt leave me all alone. oh my stars, linda goes to mars, i wonder if she'll bring me something home...that is just the chorus. but i thought about it looking at that quilt.

  3. Wow, thanks for introducing me to that blog, it's very cool.

  4. Very cool! And she picked such beautiful work to highlight. You are so generous in your insights about textile art. I'm glad you're getting the recognition you deserve!

  5. I was you have any books on your technique? I just love your work. thanks so much.

  6. Thanks Amy,
    I don't have a book yet, it has been on my mind. I need to figure out exactly what the book should cover. I am always interested in hearing feed back. If I were to put out a book what kinds of things would most interest you? The technical aspects of painting? mixed media? projects? designs to paint or quilt?


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