Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chicago Antique Market

Today was the opening day of the Chicago Antique Market. We are lucky to be able to walk to it, about 5 blocks west of our loft. It's the perfect weather today, about 70 and partly cloudy. I am glad we are still enjoying cool weather here, poor Northern California has had unnaturally hot weather, and the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains are burning up from it.

Abby came with us, tucked into her bag so she can people watch without being stepped on. You can just make out her head peeping out of the bag in the photo I took in the mirror.

Boy, does this capture the 70's or what, a big eyed harlequin waif painting and a framed hooked rug horse.

I love these glove molds, one of these days I may have to buy one.

Have a great Memorial day weekend.


  1. Aren't antique flea markets so inspirational for art? I am always seeing items to incorporate and where else can you find this stuff in one place! I've not been to this show. Judy, you need to venture up to the Elkhorn Flea Market in Wisconsin. It's not that far for you to travel and it is huge!

  2. I love your hat Judy! Looks like a lot of fun. I love going to flea markets, especially when it's a cool, crisp day out.

  3. interesting head there...wonder what you would need such a long neck for? LOL

    Judy, I am going to go blog pictures of my latest...inspired by you!!

  4. OH that looks like so much fun and I think, no I know, that I need one of those glove molds...


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