Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nina's first free motion stitching

I gave my daughter Nina a short lesson on free-motion quilting yesterday. I gave her a quick demo (about 2 minutes) explaining about coordinating the speed of the foot pedal while moving the fabric. I asked her to write her name and follow a wiggly line and then start seeing what she could do with the stitching.Before long she was drawing bones, veins, a tree, a squid, a heart, an eye and skull. She is not really interested in making quilts, but she really likes sewing and making things. I did not tell her any of the “rules” about quilting, just let her play and see if she could control the needle and draw. For her first time free-motion stitching I am pretty impressed.


  1. I like that crazy skull in the center. What have you been feeding that kid? lol

  2. Obviously an artist, the eye is amazing.

  3. very cool! How old is she?

  4. Nina just turned 18 last month.

  5. So when do we get to see her Japanese dolls dressed in motorcycle jackets and quilted capes embellished with free motion skulls and flaming hearts!?!

    (I'm not surprised she took to this since she can already draw so well with a pencil.)

  6. Anonymous1:32 PM you think there might be hope for me? I have wanted to give this a try....Tell your daughter she's given me a little nudge forward....Hard to believe that's her first try! Thanks so much for sharing.



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