Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CPS Studios is here!

I love seeing where people make their art, what inspires them and gets their creative juices flowing. Well evidently Pokey does too, she created this incredible special issue. You are going to love this, there are studio vignettes (little sneak peeks into CPS and QA artists studios), and a section featuring some fantastic studios that are the ultimate in art making environments. Pokey has a to-die-for studio make over and then there are some fun projects to personalize your studio.

Boy, was I surprised to see myself on the table of contents page, but just look at all the artists and good stuff included in this issue. Click on the page to read it.

I admire Jane Davila’s custom designed studio with furniture she built herself. I can't believe how perfectly stacked her fabric shelves are, come on Jane how long does it really look like that? lol. Mary Fisher has the ultimate dye space, that sink, I am so envious, and wow what a studio! Jane Wynn’s space is filled floor to ceiling with bins and drawers that you know are filled with the coolest (and creepiest?) stuff on the planet. Sara Lechner wins the award for the studio with the most artistic charm, a European white washed hayloft. Oh, I swoon.

There are so many wonderful studios in here with great ideas for organizing, I could go on and on. You have to run out and pick up a copy, it is supposed to hit store shelves April 1st, but I have noticed many stores put them out earlier.

Here I am in my studio, it’s a rare thing to see my table this clear. At least I have it documented to prove that it was this clean once.


  1. Congratulations on the article :) .... I was to be included but I'm now heading into CPS next month!

  2. Thanks Helen, I look forward to seeing your studio in the far reaches of the UK next month. the second half of my dream houses article (construction) will be in there too.

  3. Wahoo...gad you like it, Judy! Hope you get lots of praise for your space. -p

  4. Great article, great mag. Please tell me about the sewing machine table in the foreground of the studio shot, the little table at the end of the big one. Thanks.

  5. Hi Anne

    I bought that little portable table years ago at the bernina store with two different inserts, one for each sewing machine. Now my daughter uses it. It is called the Roberts 299 Portable Sewing Table has come in handy over the years. I found it here with the option of buying the insert for your particular machine if you scroll down the page. Several sites had the table but they did not sell the special inserts.

  6. I'm watching my mailbox for my pre-ordered copy of Studios. Thanks for the wonderful preview. I have followed all your links!

  7. Hey - you told me that the studio wasn't all neat and organized and clean. You lied! Now I see that your comments were just to discourage me from packing up and moving in -- well nice try, sister, but I'm wise to you. I'm on my way with my big blue rolling suitcase and Trumpet in tow.

  8. Thanks for the preview, Judy. Now I can't wait for my copy to arrive!

  9. it's all an illusion Cher, the camera is angled just so to avoid the fabric shelves which do not resemble Jane's in the least, not to mention Nina is a wiz with photoshop, lol. Come on girl,I'll just blow the dust bunnies out of the way, Abby and Trumpet would have so much fun! and hey we could walk to Mr. Gyros.

  10. Hey, I just got a copy last night -- congrats! What a great thing for Nina to have her photos published so young. You and the studio look great. You cleaned up a lot since I visited. ;-))


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