Monday, August 08, 2011

Tsukineko Inks at International Quilt Festival, Long Beach

My first day teaching at festival, I had a full class with 24 students and a lot of wonderful work was produced using Tsukineko's All Purpose Inks.

We always start by using a dry brush method; dipping the fantastix tool in to the ink and working on white fabric and then progress to using paint brushes and lightly colored hand dyed fabric.

It was really fun seeing these two gals in my class again, they took my mixed media painted fabric class in Long Beach last year.

One of my other students from that class last year, Ruth Hunt, was also in a couple of my classes this year and brought this beautiful bag she made from the fabric she painted and collaged in class last year.

I love seeing the things people make using the techniques they've learned in my classes.


  1. I love how the ink looks on the fabrics, really beautiful colors and it shades so nicely.


  2. You are a fabulous teacher - look at all those gorgeous paintings! I really need to get myself into one of your classes.

  3. I really love this wonderful paintings :-)
    Looks like a great day

  4. Wow - they're doing stupendously - bravo! It was so great to meet you in person the other day...I'm pretty sure I'll be around the beachwood studio tuesday the 30th - perhaps we'll have time for a less frantic visit.


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