Monday, August 15, 2011

Surviving the Runway Long Beach: The Fascinator

Pokey's latest theme for Surviving the Runway, at International Quilt Festival, was inspired by the hats worn for formal occasions in Britain, such as the royal wedding, called a fascinator.

All the participants were given a flocked black fedora to fashion into a fascinating head piece.

The Tim Gunn's for the event were: Jane LaFazio, Leslie Jenisen, Jamie Fingal, yours truly and Pokey as Heidi Klum.

Some serious creating going on, the pressure's intense because the prizes for this event are great.

Everyone has such a great time, it's too bad we have to keep the music down, most of the vendors nearby seem to enjoy the event, they always come round with big smiles on their faces. But I guess there are a few that don't like the distraction at the end of the day. There have been some years when we were louder and people really had a blast.

The runners up, some how I missed getting pictures of the 2nd and 3rd place winners. I guess that was because I was busy passing out prizes.

The winner, modeling her fascinator and giving her acceptance speech.

The fascinator group shot

Jamie and Jane

Pokey and Leslie

Surviving the Runway is always the grand finale at Festival for me. It follows several intense days of teaching, I always run straight to the show floor after my last class finishes up on saturday. It marks the time when I can really let my hair down, relax and dance to some fun tunes.
Then follow this up with a good meal, libations and a lot of laughs, hanging out with great friends. It's the perfect way to wrap up the week and in the morning, fly home.


  1. Those hats are so funny, looks like everyone is having fun.


  2. To be technical and clarify headwear types (my husband's family are hat importers): A fascinator is a small decorative headpiece (think of a couple of feathers and a flower gathered on a hair comb) as opposed to a highly decorated hat with a crown and a brim. These are worn at race track gatherings for the Spring and Autumn Carnival horse racing seasons (here in Australia and obviously England) by the younger female adults as they are cheaper and more easily accessible than a full blown one-off milliner's hat. Hope that clears the difference up.

  3. Suzanne,

    the point of giving everyone a plastic black fedora is to give the participants a inexpensive base to start with to create a head piece in under an hour with a bunch of crazy crafting supplies. Most of the hats were cut up and reassembled in various fashion. No one had elastic cord or hair pins to attach the finished piece. As assistants we just wore the fedoras as is with the application of duct tape for ribbon and a flower made from paper towel in my case.

    I think our winner pulled off the the fascinator challenge perfectly!


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