Monday, July 11, 2011

Southern California here I come!

I have been really busy the last week preparing to spend the second half of July in Southern California, with a quick trip up to Northern California to see my mom between teaching at Idyllwild Arts and International Quilt Festival. My bags are quickly filling with lots of supplies, I just hope I have room for clothes!

I'm looking forward to making new friends in my classes and seeing some of my near and dear festival peeps!

There are still some spaces in the Idyllwild painting retreat, Art Quilts: Painting & Surface Techniques if you'd like a creative getaway in the scenic mountains of Southern California, next week!

This is going to be so fun! On the first day we are going to work on color. Through a series of color exercises, you will learn how to mix paint colors to create the colors you want, learn how colors interact and affect each other and know what color combinations will give your art the most impact.

On the second day we are going to learn about painting on fabric; how to avoid paint bleeding, how to paint backgrounds, use freezer paper resists, paint smooth gradations, work with transparent glazes to build up color and contrast and how to paint fine lines and details.

On the third and last day we will add mixed media techniques to fabric; collage with sheer paper imagery and tea bags, use paintsticks, colored pencils, rubber stamps and transfers.

It's going to be an information packed 3 days, sure to give you the tools you need to take on your next big painted quilt or mixed media textile project. Check out the details and register now.

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  1. That sounds like a blast! I wouldn't worry too much about clothes, just pack fresh underwear and no one will care that you wear the same clothes. ;)


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