Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beautiful Idyllwild, CA

After my last day of teaching, we found out there was a free concert in the park in town, so after dinner MaryRose and I grabbed a bottle of wine and few few folding chairs from the garage of our cabin and headed to the park.

We ran into Laura from class and sat down with her and eventually got up and danced under the pines.

While driving into town we passed this construction project and had to stop to read the sign.

I love this!

Pine cones!

The pinecones were huge up here in the mountains.

So many choices!

The rock formations on the drive to and from Idyllwild were fascinating, sharp and angular rock next to soft and rounded forms. This looks like the Venus of Villendorf on the side of the hill. Which seems totally fitting for this place.


  1. I LOVE the sign! I've been to some exhibits that could use that reminder for the attendees. lol

  2. I grew up in Cardiff, a small beach town in northern San Diego county. We used to go up to Idyllwidl to party. I remember, no fireworks, no fires, no smoking...cause it was so dry that summer, every summer usually. We also liked the Palomar Mountains and the Quiamacka (sp?) mountains...right behind them was the Anza Borego desert...Julian was kool too!

  3. Wonderful photos and such a beautiful place. Love those pine cones, those will be fun to make into art pieces.


  4. I like those big pinecones.

    Cassy from Rock Guitar Lessons


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