Thursday, September 02, 2010

Student show and tell

Saturday night there was a student show and tell for people to display the projects they worked on during the week. This was a great opportunity for all of us to see the different things that were being made in the other classes.

I thnk we were all sharing a feeling of great success.


  1. Definitely a success!!!

  2. Merry Lu4:32 PM

    Absolutely beautiful! Can you tell me what types of techniques the artist used on the sample that is all blue of old photographs?

  3. Hi Merry Lu,

    I think that class was making cyanoprints on paper and fabric.

  4. Merry Lu7:53 PM

    Oh thank you. Do you by chance have instructions on your blog to create them?

  5. Merry Lu, sorry but that was not my class. The show and tell was a sampling of student work from many of the different classes at Create.

  6. Merry Lu8:55 PM

    Oh, I see, thank you. I have loved going through your blog, and want to start a few new projects from ideas you've shared. I can't wait to start painting on fabric! I ordered one of your workshops on dvd, do you have any other printed/digital how to's?


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