Sunday, June 27, 2010

A trip to DeKalb, IL

I have lived in Chicago almost 5 years and sadly I had not been more than 30 miles west of the city, until Thursday when I drove out to give a lecture and teach a workshop to the DeKalb Country Quilters guild.

It was a challenging drive with one of the freeways under construction slowed to a standstill, then I ended up making multiple detours after getting off the freeway only to end up with slow traffic on several routes due to down traffic lights and road closures as crews removed fallen trees from the storm the night before. After I got out of the extended city suburbs the roads were free and clear through lovely green farm land dotted with barns and silos.

The DeKalb quilters made me feel very welcome despite my nontraditional take on quilting and on friday we had a great class with painting for whole cloth quilts.

Gorgeous color, huh?

Everyone did beautiful work and we had a great space to work in, what more can anyone ask for.


  1. that looks so fun. wish I couldn't been there. Well, except for the whole freeway thing.

  2. Your students' works look beautiful!

  3. Imagine all the new possibilities you've opened up for these quilters! Wonderful.

  4. Fantastic work!! All are so beutiful and colourful.
    Well Done Ladies.

  5. I loved taking your class and I know they did too.

  6. Love the process work! I do wish I could take a class from you!

  7. Hi Linda, ask your local guild if they would be interested in booking me. Otherwise IQF Houston/Long Beach is usually an option if you ever go to the show.


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