Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Road to Palmerston North

The Rose City Quilt Guild of Palmerston North was responsible for booking and bringing me to New Zealand to give a lecture and workshop for their Quilt show. So I was very excited to start our drive south to meet the people who made all this happen.

One of the first stops Erilyn and I made on our 5 hour drive south was at Haka Falls. The water is the most gorgeous aqua blue deepening to teal as the river widens into a deep pool.

We had a variety of skies and weather as we drove south, from blue skies with fluffy clouds, to overcast and gray skies, then rain and rainbows, to low lying clouds obscuring the tops of volcanoes and then again to beautiful blue skies.

Obviously the pot of gold is right under that tree.

We drove through long expanses of countryside occasionally driving through small towns, where throwing a gum boot can be a big enough event to warrant a large corrugated metal sculpture as you drive into town.

We also stopped at The Wool Company where I bought a couple warm possum/merino hats and gloves.

It was a gorgeous drive.


  1. Un paysage de *ruée vers l'or*... Qui m'obsède puisque la saison des compétitions d'orpaillage a commencé ( goldpanning on my blog ).

  2. ALL of these photos make me want to go!

  3. Gorgeous places! Thank you for the photos, it really makes you want to visit.

  4. The photos are gorgeous, but I'm you know what the mileage was for the five-hour trip? I've not been to that corner of the world, but friends have, and I would love to know what distance you covered. Were there time zone changes or anything like that?
    analytically yours,
    Cathy in NE PA (for the moment)

  5. Cathy, I think it is roughly 200 miles. The highways are mostly 2 lane with occasional passing lanes. It was going south so there was no time change.


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