Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mixed Media Painted Fabric with the Rose City Quilters

The Rose City Quilters of Palmerston North booked me to come to New Zealand to give a lecture at their Quilt show, judge their quilt challenge (yikes, that was out of my comfort zone, not that giving a lecture is but at least I have done that a few times) and give a workshop.

These courageous gals pushed themselves out of the box to do some crazy painting with printed paper images and multiple layers of paint. Ignoring the composition of adhered printed images but looking for interesting visual textures in paint, color and image to capture imagery in a secondary composition painted on top of the previous layer of paint is not necessarily an easy way to work. It is contrary to ones usual mode of creating imagery, but it is fun and it is always a surprise to see what happens in the process.

Tea time! Breaking for tea each morning was my favorite ritual in New Zealand and I think we should adopt it in this country, maybe we would all be a little less stressed.

Sue, took to this method like a duck to water, what glorious color!

I wish I could have stayed to see the results after everyone went home and quilted their fabric. The stitched details add so much interest to the final piece.

Thank you Rose City Quilters for such an amazing opportunity!!!!!


  1. Well now, these results beg the question....Brilliant teacher? Gifted students? Combination of both?
    Either way this is most fabulous work!

  2. Beautiful work. I can't believe how dressed up everyone is for a painting class. No aprons or smocks. Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. yikes. gorgeous artwork. and all done while wearing pearls!

  4. Jill, I would love to take credit for being a "brilliant teacher" lol, but I think it is really a combination of (hopefully) being a relaxed creative facilitator, to help people feel comfortable enough to enjoy the process and students who are eager to try something new with out the fear of "making mistakes". It is all about experimenting and seeing what happens right?. I think if that balance exists it always leads to wonderful things.


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