Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I had a great time in Dallas this last weekend, sorry it has taken me a while to get to writing a blog post about it, but the last several days have been pretty hard.

I have felt so scattered lately, I was really happy I managed to remember to bring everything I needed to for my lecture and workshops, but I managed to forget to grab my camera as I went out the door for my first workshop teaching Fiesta Ornaments. I am so thankful to the very talented Carol Morrissey for sharing her pictures with me.

Carol had just come back from teaching in Austin to take my class. There were so many beautiful ornaments.

Judy Krein (above) picked me up at my hotel each morning and on saturday I got to meet Sasha, what an expression, huh? she looks perpetually surprised.

What a fun class!

Day 2 Mixed Media Painted Fabric
Always a pleasure to see Deborah's smiling face. She and I had a fun adventure when we got stuck in traffic for 3 hours after a chemical spill closed the freeway down friday afternoon, but we had a great chat and I enjoyed every minute! Really Deborah, I had a good time :-)

It was fun seeing my friend Tonya Littmann again, she also wrote a blog post about the class.
I love it when people take the basic concept and make it their own.

 I finished my weekend spending the day with my good friends Julie Upshaw, Vickie Hallmark and Frances Alford. It was so good for me to have the opportunity to spend time with some of my closest friends when things have been so hard. I am really grateful for all the kind words and support from everyone, I really appreciate it.


  1. That looks like so much fun! And you got to spend time with Deborah! Jealous!

  2. It looks like your class was a lot of fun. Big smiles all around. Love seeing your students work!

  3. Everyone did such a fab job! Hope to take your class in Long Beach:)
    Positive thoughts your way.

  4. Looks like you unleashed a lot of happy creativity in your students. Hope you were able to enjoy the joy yourself while you were there.

    Your work inspires so many of us!

    Thinking of you, hoping for better days soon & sending a big e-hug.

  5. wow, every ornament was perfect! and I love the fabric painting...looks like a fabulous workshop. hope I too, along with JoJo, can take your long beach workshop. Have you posted your teaching schedule yet?

  6. wowowowow!
    I absolutely love the work your students are doing - and love the smiles on their faces too! That is always the sign of having had a great teacher like I know you are!

  7. Thanks Everyone!

    Jane I do have my schedule up, it is in the left sidebar of my blog just below Workshops. I know I really need to may a more obvious button for that :-)

  8. I didn't manage to make the class, but your lecture was wonderful and I really appreciated getting to see your quilts up close! What a wonderful pile of work you have! Thank you so much for coming to Dallas! :) Theri

  9. Thanks Theri, that was my first run through with that lecture. I know there is a lot of mixed media in it and I wasn't sure how that would go over in Dallas, lol so I am glad to hear you liked it!

  10. Oh what beautiful creations! Really, just gorgeous. I wish I was in a position to be able to take a class like that. Although just reading the post about it is inspiring enough! Thanks so much for sharing it. Have a Blessed weekend!

  11. Look at all those happy faces! I just saw Deborah myself and can't think of many people I'd rather spend 3 hours stuck in a car with. :-) She had lovely things to say about you too. BTW, Hi!

  12. These look like great classes! What happy faces and wonderful artwork.

  13. It was such an excellent class! Judy, you're an amazing teacher and filled us with such inspiration.

    (If we had to be stuck in traffic, we really made the most of it! I enjoyed it too.)


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