Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A bit of fiber inspiration

Cool Mixed Media Felt art by Susan Hinckley.

I have mentioned Susan's work before, but if you haven't gone over to check out Susan's entertaining blog filled with great vintage advertising images that reflect her humor and outlook on life yet, you really should. Visit her website too, it features lots of her beautiful work.


  1. hi judy, your post on the one of a kind show (last nov? dec? time flies...) mentioned susan's blog, so i visited her and was immediately hooked.

    her blog is really almost like a magazine column, so well written, so spot-on humorous, with great vintage illustrations the added bonus of her unique art.

    thanks for passing the word.


    p.s. are you home from NC?

  2. I am indeed back and trying to catch up with things.

  3. thanks for sharing Susan Hinckley's work. Her Felt-bots are absolutely CHARMING! Double fun because I just read in American Style about Fobots (found-object robots) by Amy Flynn! Amy's are at Such talent out there :o)

  4. Hey, Judy -- Thanks for the free publicity! Just stumbled upon it this afternoon and it was a great treat. And your canvas book is wonderful. Your fabric painting blows my mind.


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