Friday, February 13, 2009

Birds Eye View

I had so much fun making I Beelieve for Virgina Spiegel's Fiber art for a Cause that I had to make another one.

I wish things weren't so busy right now, I suppose that is not about to change any time soon, because I would love to make a bunch more.

I really like the combination of hard metal with soft fabric and I have always loved religious icon paintings that have the metal work over them with the little glimpses of painted surface.


  1. This is so cool!

  2. This is beautiful. I worship it!

  3. Ha, I agree with Laura, I worship it too!! Can't wait to own one.
    Happy Valentines Day!!

  4. Love the captions to go with your wonderful paintings and metalwork!!

  5. beautiful! love how you combine metal and painted fabric, it's so appealing. and you have a gift for getting the embossing & other details just right.


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