Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nina's Hearts

My daughter Nina has been making Sculpy hearts. They range in size from about 3/4" across to 1 1/2". I think they are so cool.


  1. Creepy cool. Does she have any plans or these? (Pendants?)

  2. she's thinking about making them into necklaces or something.

  3. old is this kid? i like the surface detail. these are really kool and a necklace...hmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. I saw the picture before I read the words & immediately thought that you were getting ready to do another painted piece like your cells quilt.

    She is fantastic! Such detail!

  5. Nina is such a talent! I can imagine these as a necklace, I hope you will share photos of the final product and show us how she put it all together. Very cool and yes a bit creepy too!

  6. Wow! She could be a model maker for med school! Judy, these are awesome...the girl has talent...I love them. Great necklace/ear ring combo.


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