Saturday, September 06, 2008

Blue Vessel

After making the first vessel I realized that I needed to change a few things in the construction process. I used a fused hinge method to put the base on this new vessel. This was the method I used making the Dream Houses. It made construction much easier with less bending of the panels when sewing the sides together.
I was anxious to try out this shape so I used simply painted fabric to see how it would go together. For the inside of the vessel I painted the fabric using a paint called Polished Pigments. I wish you could see the luminosity of it in the photo, it is bright and coppery. This is a new paint that comes as a powder that you mix with a paint medium (Simple Solutions; one bottle for fabric another for paper). It is so metallic and bright, it literally looks like car paint. I saw Bernie Berlin using these paints at the Chicago IQF show last spring. The color glows, it is beautiful, but the base has a very different consistency than other textile paints. The outside of the vessel is painted with Jaquard Lumiere's.

I like this shape. Now that I have a few more construction details worked out I want to try some more, but I am going to have to stop for a while and take care of a few other projects that deal with writing, dyeing and color.


  1. Oh My! This is wonderful! I frequent your blog and enjoy all you share. Have you ever tried staining the metal? I did some copper toiling as a teen and would stain the etched pictures.

  2. hi judy,

    again i ask, do you EVER sleep??? i can't believe how many new ideas you continually come up with. you sure squeeze alot more into a day than i do!

    this new vessel is gorgeous, the shape, the colors, the leafy embossed metalwork. love it!

  3. yeah, but I bet your house is not as messy as mine, lol.

    thanks LuAnne :)

  4. Sharon, several years ago I was annealing aluminum cans and drawing on them for projects. I was thinking about doing that again, I just don't want to deal with any chemical processes to color the metal.

  5. Great shape!

    I would not be able to resist the chemicals, chemist that I am. ;-))

  6. Hi Judy, I have always admired your work and am so happy to have found your blog. Love seeing your creativity and how you work. The vessels are beatiful.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog Lora. You can find a lot of details about different projects I have done on my other blog Painted Threads Projects, too.

  8. OMG!!!!! another wonderful creation from you. i love this one! looking forward to tutorial or magazine directions on this baby. you are simply amazing dah-ling! :-)


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