Thursday, January 24, 2008

custom domain drama!

I bit the bullet and bought a custom domain and set it up according to what Blogger says to do and screwed it all up. That is why my blog has not been available the last day or so. I was scared I had lost it forever! The frustrating thing about Blogger is there are no live tech people that you can easily talk to about fixing a problem. The tech support over at has been great. I have called several times trying to fix the problem even though it is really a problem I was having with blogger. The last guy I talked to solved the problem for me by telling me I actually do not to do anything on blogger to switch over that it is all done through them. So I reversed my custom domain switch on blogger and got my blog back. Blogger makes the whole thing very complicated saying you need a CNAME, but you don't. Just listen to the tech people where you buy your domain name, do not follow the blogger instructions!

Anyways my new domain name is
now you can type in that or my blogspot address to get to my blog.


  1. Glad you got it all back Judy! I always sweat it when I have to do something big like that, yikes!

  2. uhoh, now I hate to tell you this, but your RSS feed isn't working. I don't know how to fix it, but maybe ask your support group. There should be a little RSS symbol in the URL window where your domain name shows.

  3. you know i don't know how to resolve that. the blog still technically exists at the blogspot address, my feed is linked to that. it shows up when the blogspot addy is in the URL window. I do have an rss link in my sidebar too, so even if someone is on the other address they can still subscribe.


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