Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Painting Fabric

This is my preliminary sketch for the piece that I will paint in Houston at Make it U's open studios.

After I get the pencil drawing worked out to my satisfaction, I draw over the lines with a fine point pen and then erase the pencil. It is very easy to see the lines through a piece of white cotton fabric and trace them with pencil onto the fabric.

I know in 2 hours of working and chatting I will not make fast progress, so I wanted to get it started so people would have something to look at besides a white piece of fabric. I have worked out some of the more complex color decisions before hand by painting the birds. This will make it much easier for me to talk and paint without having to concentrate so much on the actual painting.


  1. Oh, cheese and whiskers, why am I *not* going to Houston this year? Judy, I am always thrilled to see what's up on your blog. Will you come to NE PA and do a workshop? Please please? Bring Frances and the rest of the usual suspects!
    Hope to see you soon,
    Cathy in Milford, PA

  2. I know I couldn't paint and talk at the same time. Looks like you'll be well prepared, not waiting until the last moment like I do!

  3. opps, I double posted, then deleted. Now it looks like I said something bad and deleted it. I didn't, just it was a duplicate. Sorry!

  4. Cathy, that would be fun wouldn't it? Well I am starting to book workshops, I havn't put that out there officially yet. But it's in the works.

  5. **book workshops, I havn't put that out there officially yet**

    ohhhhh........ I will have to mention you to my LQS owner....


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