Monday, May 28, 2007

Chicago Antique Market

The last saturday of the month May through October the Chicago Antique Market takes place about 5 blocks west of us. Nina and I went and found some cool stuff. There was some awesome metal cabinetry. I would love to have this.

One of these tin ceiling tile mirrors would look great in my downstairs bathroom.

I love the nesting chicken boxes and little metal hen house. I kept trying to think of a logical reason I should own these.

I did have to buy this graphic tea towel.

This Frieda green apron with smocking was irresistible. Especially when all the vintage waist aprons were going for $5 each.

This flower print apron I could not pass up with the ric-rac and little ruffle inset bottom center. I just saw a vintage apron pattern for this exact design.

This brown gingham I thought was interesting because it is not sewn together with anything but the pearl cotton cross hatching.

The edges are turned under and the brown squares are cross hatched to secure it.
It looks like who ever made it , did not get a chance to finish it. All the strings were loose at the center of the waist band. So I machine stitched two rows of stitching to catch all the threads and pulled them to the back and snipped them.

All set to bake some cookies.


  1. ahhhh!!!!! why didn't you buy me the big metal cabinet - it would have only been about $500 to ship - lol
    way cool aprons baby!


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