Sunday, April 15, 2007


Our group quilt "Fauna" in the Quilting Arts magazine booth at International Quilt Festival Chicago. photo by nina this time.

Kelli Perkins sat across from us in the Cloth Paper Scissors Virtual Studio, she was making these beautiful little paper beads, total eye candy. This is my sisters picture, I could never get a clear shot of her there was always a crowd in front of her table. You can see pictures of her beads on the Quilting Arts website.

The Artgirlz had all sorts of fun things in their booth like these little felted balls that you could decorate and make into bracelets, necklaces and other cool stuff.
They reminded me of my felted ball ornaments I made at Christmas, so I brought them over for a bit of show and tell.

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  1. Judy: So sorry I had to meet and run! I thought of you when we ended up at Mr. Greek Gyro in Greektown at about 2am Sunday morning. I linked to you on my blog - there goes your reputation. ;p cher


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