Thursday, April 19, 2007

A book to honor my Dad

My sister Deb and I have been altering board books. These are small baby books you can buy on the sale shelf at bookstores for cheap. After peeling off the shiny paper the chip board underneath makes a great surface to paint and glue things to.

My dad died several weeks ago. He came from a long line of Masons. Growing up I never really understood what he used to do at all those meetings. Over the years I asked my dad about the Masons and found it to be a really interesting organization full of symbolism, ritual and mystery. My dad had the longest obituary I think I have ever seen, full of all his accomplishments as a Mason. I decided to cut up the obituary and make it into a book to remember my dad.


  1. Judy: So sorry you've lost your dad. I can't imagine. This is a beautiful tribute. I'm amazed that you are already able to work on it. xox cher

  2. I find doing these kind of things very therapeutic.


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