Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thread Heaven

There is nothing like having organized thread at your finger tips when you are sewing. For years I kept my thread in plastic containers used for storing matchbox cars that I bought at Target. But Target stopped selling them a few years back and I soon ran out of places to put my thread. My solution was to buy this taboret from Dick Blick. I divided up the space in the drawers with easy to cut and stick drawer dividers from the Container Store. I also like to keep my thread wrapped with Hugos amazing vinyl tape to keep it from unraveling.


  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Oooh! Aaah! Pretty! I just love thread...

  2. How much was this drawer and the divider things?

  3. The drawer was $310. And the drawer dividers were maybe $4-$5 a package and I used 5 packages. It is not cheap, but it looks good and won't fall apart in a year, so it works for me.


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