Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another break for pottery

I had to take a break from quilting, my upper back turned into a big cramp, So i have backed way off on the hours at the machine and have been knitting and going to the Illinois Homeschool Conference with the kids.

So I will show some of my pottery to keep things somewhat intersting.

The first pot is a large hand coiled vase, and the second picture is a hand painted triangular bowl.

The house is slab built with a drawer that pulls out and a recessed niche. the designs are made from clay stamps that I carved and pressed into the clay. It is painted with iron oxide.

The vase with the hands is a hand built coiled pot that has a carved design painted with iron oxide. I made a mold of my own hands to create the hands that hold up the pot.


  1. Great pottery, Judy! I especially love the box. What do you keep in there? Is this new stuff? Have you found a place for pottery in Chicago?

  2. This is all stuff from the old Austin TX days when i had a place to do messy stuff like clay. I do miss having a basement and garage!

  3. You always were a show off Jude - lol
    Yes folks everything my sister tries she is great at! everything!! She is a genius and I adore her!!!

  4. These are wonderful, I love them.

  5. Anonymous9:04 PM

    OMG I love the triangular bowl, and the hands vase!


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