Sunday, March 19, 2006

Quilted Nerve Cells

The nerve cells are outline quilted with a metalic thread with wool batting, so they are puffy and round. The background is quilted with monofilament that is clear enough to not cover the nerve-like designs in the hand dyed fabric, but it sparkles just enough to be seen. This piece is about 10 inches square.


  1. This is so gorgeous, what are the dimensions? I watched "What the Bleep" recently and I saw a clip there that reminded me of this piece.

  2. Wow. I thought the stem cells were amazing. Now nerve cells. The quilting is definitely doing it's job!

  3. The colors in this piece are so gorgeous. The quilting really makes it work.

  4. I described your quilted stem and nerve cells to a young man taking out a book on stem cells at the library yesterday. He was captivated!!! And my word picture didn't do them justice. What would he have thought of the "real" thing??


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