Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Work

I have stem cells on my mind. 60 Minutes had a story on some new stem cell research that is showing amazing results for regenerating spinal cord cells making formerly paralyzed mice able to walk. It is amazing that we are so close to so many medical breakthoughs. 60 Minutes went on to say that fertilization clinics dispose of unused eggs. Why is it more humane and Holy to throw away embryos than donate them to research that could potentially save lives? Throwing eggs away feels more like killing them than saving that live tissue and growing it into potential cells and organs to prolong life. Does the Bush admin perform little funerals for all of these eggs they insist should be thrown away?

Stem cells are like the fabric of life.
This is painted batting that is stitched onto hand dyed fabric. The batting is cut away to reveal the fabric underneath. I will probably do a satin stitch around the holes and layer this on more batting and backing fabric and quilt in the holes.

These are nerve cells. I thought this fabric had the look of nerve cells in the texture of the dye, so I painted the additional cells with tsukineko inks. I am not totally sure where this is all going, but it sure feels good to work on something. It has been so hard finding the supplies or tools I need to do this. I spent two days just looking for my box of scissors. It is soooo frustrating.


  1. Ooo! I'm really enjoying your human nervous system pieces! Painted batting! Love it!

  2. Promising theme here. Fun to see your start, it already has impact. Jen

  3. Oh, this is truly beautiful. You've taken something most of have seen on television or in a science magazine and elevated it into art. I am totally in awe of your eye for beauty. Totally!

  4. I love this new work. Fabulous.

  5. this is soooo cooooooooool. the colors are absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Painted batting--what a great way to capture the texture of the cells. Intentional or not, I like the "inside out" aspect as well (the inside of the body, and the traditional inside of the quilt). Thanks for sharing your work; it's very inspiring. And, I'd love to see the Bushies holding little memorials for cells :-)

  7. Oh wonderful nerve cells. I love all this biology into art.... you've inspired me to get on with it again.

    Do you find the inks good to work with? I've seen an advert for them in the lastest Quilting Arts.


  8. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Very interesting work. More interesting is your hitting the nail right smack on the head re: stem cell research. I wondered the same thing. Why is it ok to just toss human eggs in the trash but it is not ok to harvest stem cells and maybe cure someone with a spinal cord injury (like Travis Roy, the hockey player who ended up with quadriplegia playing in his first college game) or cure my dad and Dave Johnson who both have Parkinson's?? My niece nearly didn't go to Loyola Stritch Medical School because she was concerned a Catholic University would not allow stem cell research. Interestingly, they do. I sincerely hope she ends up at the Howard Hughes Institute because, being privately funded, they are not limited by Bushie's rules......

    Can't wait to see where you go with these pieces.....



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