Friday, January 13, 2006

Alien pod thing

I love the way this thing looks. Actually I altered this in photoshop. It originally looked like this.

We used to find these on the hillsides up above our home in the canyon in Los Angeles. They grew on a vine, sometimes along the ground, sometimes hanging from a thin stem with the vine coiled tightly around the branch of another bush or tree.


  1. Whooooa. VERY funky and cool-looking pod-thing!!

  2. Really? That is totally cool! Any idea what it is? Is it soft or prickly.
    I like it in photoshop and!

  3. Anonymous5:41 AM

    FUNKY! No idea what it is, but both IRL and photshoped, that thing is WEIRDLY attractive!

  4. Judy.....for some reason your blog doesn't show up with new posts on mine, and I've been so swamped I haven't surfed around in a while...I love all the news! Sorry to hear about the EDS, but at least you know and have a name and, hopefully, can prevent damage to your kids...

    The yarn is gorgeous...looks like you have settled in nicely, and the kids, too.

    The pod looks like something Jane Sassaman would have in a quilt, and also something from your lady from Mars!

    Will have to come back when it isn't put kids to bed time and read more...Cheers, Sarah

    PS--not fair! You look almost exactly like you did when your daughter was itty bitty---good on you!


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