Thursday, June 23, 2005

Painted Batting

Before I made Lichen I experimented with painting on Warm and natural cotton batting. I wanted to find out what the surface would look like, would it absorb the paint like a sponge or would it sit on the surface. It seemed also like it would make a nice soft surface for embellishing by hand. I have these two, I made a third but sold it at IQF’s silent auction a few years ago (without photographing it first, so I can’t show you it)

I was happy to find that the batting did not soak up the paint like a sponge, and they were easy to stitch and couch on by machine and bead by hand without falling apart.


  1. i'm just amazed about this being painted batting.

  2. Painting batting is really fun. Dyneflow colors the batting, Jaquard textile paints create a smooth almost shiny surface, especially the metallics. It stays soft and is so easy to sew. It would be ideal for people who love embellishing.

  3. One other thing I discovered, about felt-y type batting at least, (quite by accident) It can be melted away from your stitching with a heatgun to create a very interesting lacy effect.

  4. I love the painted batting

  5. Painting batting is such a good idea. I haven't tried painting anything - except a wall and I painted it white.


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