Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The gypsy caravan has been detained

Our buyers hit a snag and we are pursuing all possibilities for getting the sale completed before the contract expires. I would hate to start this process all over again and live in boxes indefinitely.

In the mean time, I'm getting racks put on my car this morning, trying to keep up with phone calls, emails, final packing (the kitchen), last preparations for hitting the road, and getting ready to teach in Houston at International Quilt Festival in a couple weeks, I just wish I knew where I was leaving from.


  1. I hope the sale goes through, that would be a shame after all the work you have done to get ready and going.


  2. Sending only good thoughts your way and hoping all the uncertainty is over soon.

  3. It wouldn't be an adventure if everything went exactly as planned!

  4. It seems like most real estate transactions are like roller coaster rides but usually turn out fine. Here's hoping everything falls into place for you.

  5. Remain as calm as one can under these circumstances...the economy seems to be putting quite a few snags into "moving" plans. I wish you peace. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


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