Monday, September 24, 2012

A Spot of Tea in Springfield, Missouri

I had a lovely time in Springfield with the Ozark Piecemakers at their annual guild show.

My trip began with seeing a fabulous textile exhibit at the new Springfield Branson airport including the humorous work of Pam RuBert and beautiful organza work of Rosemary Claus-Gray, if you live in that part of the country I highly recommend a trip to the airport to see it.

On Thursday I gave a lecture and Friday taught my Tea and Ephemera workshop where we draw and paint imagery on tea bags then create collages on fabric; experimenting with a variety of processes from printing with thermofax screens to working with shiva paintstiks and stencils, rubber stamps and collaging printed abaca paper and decorative tissues.

Back to packing!


  1. Wow, looks like a cool workshop! Also, I love that fabric collage with the 3 arbors. I can really feel the depth!

  2. Hi,I am taking one of your classes in Houston. Don't remember which one and my schedule is in Texas and I am in Qatar. Good luck on your packing for California. I know how it is not to have a firm date on moving. I am hoping we know something about moving back to US by the time of the Quilt Festival in Houston.

  3. All lovely -love the warmth in the colors :)

  4. Such vibtant, lively and exciting work. You are very inspirational.

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