Monday, August 06, 2012

But Where Are All The Martians?

Well, it's very exciting that the Mars rover Curiosity has landed with newer high tech equipment ready to beam us back some new pics of the Martian landscape, but my guess is it's still going to look a bit stark.

I made this quilt after the first rover landed on Mars in 2004 and all the photos showed a barren rocky landscape. I prefer thinking of Mars as depicted in 1950's B movies with sexy Martian ladies and crazy carnivorous life forms.

Do you think we'll get anything more exciting to see this time around?


  1. What a wonderful quilt!

  2. They will probably just see lots and lots of barren wasteland but wouldn't they all have a heart attack if a face showed up in the screen??? Love the quilt!

  3. Love it! My husband recently retired from NASA and so I have always been a big fan of anything "space" related.


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