Thursday, June 28, 2012

Texture and color in the city

To change things up a bit I'm posting images from a photo safari I took with my daughter Indigo to an area just west of my neighborhood in Chicago, underneath the Metra train tracks.

I like how this graffiti artist worked with the structure of the staggered block wall.

I am particularly entranced by the layering of type and imagery that create such beautiful complex images when cropped.

It's this concept of layering imagery that I've been exploring for the last couple years with my painting.

 These ones were really pretty with metallic bronze paint.
A discarded metal tree sculpture added another point of interest.
Suddenly a train went over head.

Rusty Bits
The massive chandelier was another interesting addition to this urban space. It's probably about 8 feet across with silk flowers entwined around it.

There were a lot of these weird little stalactites.
Believe it or not this is the base of one of the support columns of the overhead track. Most of the column is not as deteriorated, but quite a few of the other columns also looked like this.

I love these colors. I see things like this and want to remember it for a color palette for painting.

I love this texture and all the beautiful reds.
What fun to come across this blue heart with my initial on it. 

I hope you find these images as inspiring as I do and see there can be artistic beauty hidden in plain site.


  1. I Love, love, love it! Thank you so much for posting.

  2. I love these photos! Especially the close up shots of the graffiti and the large chandelier. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I know Lisa, there are actually two giant chandeliers. It is such a cool space, a guy at a neighborhood bar told us about it and we had to go check it out.

  5. I love graffiti art like this. I'm fascinated with the chandler. It brings up all kinds of questions for me like "Why, when and how?" I can imagine so many scenarios. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sorry I had to correct the grammar on my last post. It's great that you were able to find this space!

  7. Anonymous10:17 AM

    This is so cool. I live in a small city and we don't get the graffiti that you have. It is interesting how art just pops up. Thanks for sharing! Diane

  8. Great post, Judy. thank you so much for sharing; and for reminding us all that there is beauty EVERYWHERE if we just take time to look. It does not hurt to have a guide like you to point it out with.

  9. loved the tour.
    what design possibilities
    the peeling paint and rust bolts are so groovy!

  10. I love this post Judy!! thanks for the tour!


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