Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Off to Cincinnati for International Quilt Festival

So I wish I could say I've been doing all sorts of creative things the last couple weeks but unfortunately I can't. It's been mostly teaching type stuff; signing and sending contracts, negotiating future teaching engagements (a few downunder, yipee!) preparing handouts and samples for new classes, accumulating supplies for my teaching gigs and packing. There's always too much to do.
So I've been getting little bits of creative time in while I'm relaxing after dinner with a new app I got for my ipad called Paper.
It opens looking like a little moleskin sketchbook.

turn to the page you'd like to draw on and tap to open the it. 

This app is so simple in design it's brilliant and it's free with the pen tool and palette of color. It's $1.99 for each additional tool you want to add. I bought the paintbrush and am completely satisfied with these two tools alone.

This was my first sketch, I really like how gestural the quality of the line is with thicks and thins. Keep in mind it's a little wonky drawing with a finger as opposed to an actual drawing implement, but that kind of lends it's own charm. 

This app has the closest feeling to drawing in a sketchbook I've seen, I love it.

In the morning I'm hitting the road to drive to Cincinnati to teach 3 classes at festival. I'll be sure to post all about it in a few days.


  1. Have a fun and safe trip. I ended up getting sketchbook pro, still need to learn how to use it.


  2. Ooooh! This looks like an app I really "need". Thanks for showcasing it, Judy. Good luck with all the teaching assemblage and in your workshops.
    Miss you!

  3. judy you make the drawing look so easy!! i mean, you always do, but on a screen? wow.

  4. I'll be trying to catch up with you in Cincin. See you then, hopefully. In person.

  5. Oh how exciting!! I live 'downunder' :) where are you going? I would love to go to your class. Love your blog.

  6. Well Jane I'll be teaching at the symposium in Taupo New Zealand in July 2013 and it looks like I'll be in Melbourne in April, contracts not signed on that yet so i cant disclose more, but it's looking good.

  7. Ooooooooo. This looks like an app I absolutely want to play with......hopefully they will develop
    one for us android users

  8. Thank you for this app suggestion, I got it yesterday and am loving it! Hands down my favorite sketching tool.

  9. You're coming to NZ to Symposium!! Excellent! With any luck I'll be able to take a class with you. Have you learnt how to pronounce Taupo yet?

  10. Oh yes ms lottie, I drove thru Taupo on my last trip to NZ. I can hardly wait! I'll have one two day class with metal and one three day class focusing on painted art quilts.

  11. Those sketches are really surprisingly tactile looking! Definitely makes me wish I had an iPad!


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