Sunday, February 26, 2012

Introducing the Painted Threads ebook!

I recently updated my Painted Threads portfolio book with two newer quilts and while I was at it I created an ebook version that can be viewed on an ipad. If you'd like to see a preview of the entire book you can see it here.

I don't have an ipad...yet, so I bought a copy to try out on my iphone.
After ordering, I received an email with a link that I opened on my phone from there it asked me where I wanted the book to go on my device and my copy loaded right into ibooks.

Overall I couldn't be happier, it looks just like the book. You can zoom in to see details and the pages turn with a swipe of the finger.

Best of all is the price of $6.99! it's much cheaper than getting a printed copy, not to mention there's no shipping fees, the joy of instant gratification and being able to take it anywhere! I can hardly wait to see it on an ipad.

Right now it's for sale on Blurb, after approval from itunes it will be available there too, but Blurb is better for me since itunes takes a hefty commission and us starving artists need to eat more than apple execs, lol.


  1. Sadly, I will not be buying your book. My e-reader will not read the Apple format. Why not a proper e-book in a pdf file that those of us who choose not to support Apple can read on our computers and other brands of e-readers? :-(

  2. So sorry it only works with apple, hopefully Blurb will update that option soon.

  3. Congratulations! It looks beautiful!

  4. Thanks for checking that Judy, I shall keep a watch for the e-book. I was most disappointed at not being able to purchase it. I have your "Design Paint and Stitch" DVD and this seems the perfect companion!

  5. I just thought of a question, I had never heard of blurb and it sounds interesting. Do you have to pay any money up front to make a book? I don't know if I would ever have the time, but might want to try it if it doesn't cost much - to have a portfolio in book format if for nothing else - would be a great tool for promotions for galleries or shops etc.

  6. The fabulous thing about most self publishing companies is that thanks to digital technology it is a pay on demand service. It is more costly per book for the author, but there is less investment risk compared to having to make those huge minimum run purchases that could net out as a loss if ones unable to sell their stock.

  7. Your book is wonderful Judy! I just enjoyed "flipping" through it on my iPad...
    I am tempted to make one myself now.

  8. Thanks Natalya! You should!!!

    btw were your ears burning tuesday night? Jane was telling me about your wild ride to Chicago last summer, lol, sounds like you guys had fun :-)


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