Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New handwarmers for fall

I still have a few projects that I am working on that are not all that creative and art focussed so I am getting my fill of creating in the evenings with some more knitting.

I started this pair of handwarmers last winter, I had one knit and about an inch and a half of the second before spring arrived. The recent cooler weather motivated me to pick them up again and finish.

I love knitting handwarmers because I have made so many that I don't need to follow a pattern I just design them as I go, once I have figured out the gauge.

These handwarmers are knit from natural undyed possum wool that I bought last year in New Zealand. Here's another pair I made last fall from green possum wool.

You can see the fur that is spun in with the wool fuzzes up making them so soft and warm. After washing, the fur blooms and gets even softer and fuzzier. The wool is a blend of 50% merino, 40% possum and 10% silk.

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

The New Zealand Common Bushtail Possum, originally from Australia, is not like the American possum, it was brought to New Zealand to establish a fur trade because of its beautiful pelt. Unfortunately, New Zealand has no native mammals in its habitat so the possum with no natural predator has decimated native species.

If you are interested in buying some possum wool yarn like this, I found some in the US here. Or if you want to get it direct from New Zealand you can get it here. The wool's a little pricey but 5% of the sale goes to the preservation of New Zealand's native environment.


  1. Those hand warmers are lovely Judy! I was all set to send you a possum (we have a few local residents) and then I read on about the wonderful New Zealand possums. Thanks for the education!

  2. Judy and I think along the same lines, lol. The New Zealand possum is a lot cuter than ours. The hand warmers are beautiful. I just picked up yarn last week to start the fall knitting. I don't want to think about cold weather, but I know it is coming. Wishing you a fun filled week.

  3. Beautiful pattern! They look cozy (and with Chicago winters I'm sure you put them to good use!)

  4. Thanks!

    Well Karen yes in Chicago they do get put to good use, in fall I wear them outside, in winter I wear them inside! lol

  5. Possum yarn! Wow, and they look wonderful. I made a bunch of simple handwarmers last year for gifts, but this year I'm tackling socks.

  6. Just gorgeous, judy!

  7. Thanks for posting about the possum, Judy. Hopefully more people will come to understand the dilemma we face with this pest - and I always think thank goodness we have found a beautiful way of using the fur. Mmmm! so soft and very warm!


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