Wednesday, June 03, 2009


In Chicago there are so many interesting colorful rusty metal and concrete things with such lovely aged patinas. I often forget to bring my camera along with me when walking, but yesterday Nina reminded me about using the cell phone, duh, why don't I think of these things, I guess that's why we have kids.

I like the way the aqua arches are echoed on my shoes.


  1. I often forget about the camera on the phone as well.

    I love the colors. This is a great picture!

  2. Great patina. And it really does accentuate the aqua arches in your shoes (giggling)!

    I can take a picture with my phone, but don't know if I can upload it onto my computer or not. I'm sure I need some other USB/cell phone cable for that. But you're right: I could ask my son!

  3. So I'm not the only one who walks around taking photos of the ground. My husband made fun of me for doing that in Paris but their manhole covers were so interesting!

    I'm actually starting to use my camera phone a lot, even around the house. I usually have the phone next to me so when an animal does something cute, it is the easiest way to take a photo. I was doing some beading the other day & used the phone to take a picture of progress. It really does pay to have a phone that has a good camera - my new blackberry even comes with a flash!

    Was this cover actually purple? I thought you were showing us a photo you had altered. Wow, new sense of pride for Chicago if they are using interesting colours. Could this then be considered street art? :)

  4. It is not really purple but that weird shiny reddish black that old metal seems to get and in certain reflective light it takes on purple cast. I see it a lot around here, I think it must be the amount of iron in it or something. There are lots of pipes sticking out of old buildings that are so colorful like that with remnants of chipped away enamel paint and bright orange rust. Beautiful decay!

  5. Urban Nature. I too love the shoes in the picture with this. The words and diamonds would be a cool rubber stamp...

  6. How weird we are all into manhole covers these days! I have been doing rubbings all over, I was so frustrated in Europe when I didn't have anything to use for rubbings. We all seem to think alike. LOL Great shoes!


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