Monday, March 23, 2009

More Metal work

This is the bee panel partially done. In this photo I have gone over all my lines on the front side of the metal with the pointed stylus and begun adding some stippling with the tiny ball stylus to the background on the left side. This helps the image to pop up and be defined.In the next photo, the metal design is finished. The raised areas of the design are worked from the back side of the metal. On the bees wings and the leaves, I used a large ball shaped stylus to give extra dimension.
The tool kit from Walnut Hollow has a lot of different metal working tools to add texture and shaping to the metal. I have only used a few of the tools so far as I figure out how each one can be used. It is an awesome little kit with a ruler, scissors, two tool handles with multiple tips that screw into both ends and a couple plastic embossed border shape plates that metal can be burnished over with a paper stump. I like to make my own designs , so I haven't used those, but they are nice patterns. All in all it is everything you would need to do some serious metal work.

This is a design I made on a piece of copper metal using the Alcohol Inks, the felt pad tool and the blending solution. Here is a great little video with Tim Holtz demonstrating alcohol inks.


  1. You are bringing back all sorts of school art memories. One of my favourite things was working with copper. That and taking rubber type tiles, etching designs into them & using them to make stencil prints. I will have to start fiddling.

    You always come up with such wonderful ideas. Very inspiring. thank you

  2. One Word:
    A W E S O M E !

  3. Amanda9:31 PM

    Where do you get the copper metal from? Thanks! This looks like fun & is inspiring some new projects.

  4. Hi Amanda,
    I put a link in the blogpost before this one titled "Little Mixed Media Books" on the word copper. I will also put the URL here in this post but sometimes the links get broken up in these comment boxes, so if doesn't work, check the blog post.

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