Tuesday, October 28, 2008

International Quilt Festival

I voted early today to avoid the potential lines on November 4th and my daughter got to vote for the first time today too. What an exciting time to vote. Lets hope we see none of the antics of the last election.

I am leaving for Houston in the morning and will be back on the blog Monday, so I will leave you with this chameleon painted with Tsukineko inks, it is a detail from a group quilt called Fauna.
I will have lots of photos to share on my return. If you happen to go to Festival and see me please stop and say hi.

I will be working in Open Studios: Friday 12:30-2:30 and Saturday 4:30-6:30.

Come take one of my workshops making felted wool ornaments in Make it U Friday 3:00 or Saturday 10:15, right when festival opens.


  1. Very interesting blog. Do share photos when you are back.

  2. judy,

    have a wonderful time in houston. i envy you the chance to see all the great new stuff there. and i'm sure your felted ornament classes & your fiesta demos will be a big hit!

    it is thrilling when our kids are old enough to vote. here in az we have the good fortune to be able to request permanent vote-by-mail status, where our ballots are always mailed a few weeks ahead with a postpaid envelope for return. no voting lines!

    anyway, happy travels. love the closeup of your Fauna panel, amazing work!

  3. I will be in Houston too. We drive down Friday morning (I live north of Dallas). I don't know if I will take your class though since hubby is coming with me but I will certainly say Hi if I see you!

    Also, I wanted thank you for posting the video about sewing on metal. It had some helpful tips. I started sewing on metal a couple of months ago and I can't stop. I love it! Until six years ago when I discovered quilting and especially art quilts, I hadn't sewn at all (other than Home Ec in junior high). Sewing is somewhat of a learning experience for me and the metal is way too much fun.

    From the video, it looks like we have the same sewing machine too. Janome 6600. I love it.

    Have a safe trip and I hope to see you in Fest Land. D~~~~

  4. Have a safe trip Judy. I'd love to be taking your class, it loooks like so much fun! I wanted to tell you that I loved the metal video...I've got the stuff to try that so I think I will. Yay for your daughter voting! This will definitly be an interesting year on that front...see ya!

  5. That Chameleon is stunning. Wow.

  6. Have a great great great great time!!!!!

  7. good luck and have a great time.

  8. Wonderful Fauna quilt - wow. Post many pictures from Houston, that way I can "be there" too ;O)

  9. can't wait to see the pictures when you get back. Love the chameleon. He is so detailed. I just love your work and I know I keep telling you that. But I do.


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