Thursday, January 04, 2007


The quest for just the right skeleton pattern. My daughters birthday is coming up next month and I am going to make her some fingerless glove arm warmers wih a skeleton design on the hand. Growing up in a warm climate has made it very difficult for her to understand that you wear long sleeve shirts during the winter in Chicago. I did a google search for skeleton knitting patterns and came up with these. The one Nina liked most was from a cute beanie pattern "We call them pirates"

I am kind of winging it on the pattern for the arm warmers and am making them out of an elasticized cotton yarn (wool bothers her). I realized after I knit in the thumb gusset that the placement was not good. It needs to go on the palm side. I assumed sinced your thumb is on the side of your hand that is where the thumb should go on a glove, but it pulls the design off center. So I will rip out and try again.

One more skeleton pattern. This one I tried out by making a sock for my new ipod. I will be listening to The Historian today while I paint.

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  1. Judy! Those are wonderful swatches! What a great start for an afghan...LOL! Your daughter will be warm in style. So fantastic....


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