Monday, November 27, 2006

Arts & Crafts Day is coming

Mark your calendars November 30th is Arts & Crafts Day. The homeschooling daughter of a friend has created this holiday. I think it is one we should all observe, these are her intentions:

I made up arts and crafts day so more people would do crafts. Arts and crafts day is a day that you are supposed to do all the arts and crafts you can do in one day. Then you think of which craft you should give which person. The next time you see that person you give it too the person you thought of. Arts and crafts day is on November the 30. Good craft ideas for arts and craft day.

1 Draw a picture of your friend
2 Use a shoe box to make a doll house
3 Collage
4 sock monkeys
Etc… please spread the word by blogs by phone or by mouth

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