Friday, September 22, 2006

Abby's new fall sweater

Fall is coming fast in Chicago and I thought Abby should have a new turtle neck cable sweater. She is a stylish city dog after all.

The basic dog sweater pattern can be found here. This is a great pattern to create a sweater in any size to fit your dog and it is simple to customize the design to your own choosing. I have knit about 7 dog sweaters from this pattern to fit 3 different dogs.
I always knit in a small hole, like a button hole at the back of the neck so I can easily hook the leash onto her collar.


  1. Very pretty sweater, Abby is a very luck girl. The past 21 years I have always had big dogs who love the cold weather. Mom's dog Max who now lives with use is 15 pounds of nothing and is going to need a sweater. I better work on my knitting skills.

  2. Abby must be the best dressed dog on the block... or even in the city!

  3. Anonymous8:17 AM

    She is adorable. My Kaiser would never tolerate a sweater so I guess I don't get to make one. Good thing because his would cost a fortune to make! (he's 95 pounds). My Scotty never wore a sweater but we did have winter boots for him.....


  4. Too cute for words. I am going to see frieda today and I am willing to bet she tries to coerce me into making this for George.

  5. How much for the dog sweater? If I can get another I'd have a set of comfy leg warmers.

  6. I want one! Of course George is too masculine for such finery

  7. Awwww, Abby looks so cute. You don't see dogs with coats much here in New Zealand.


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